Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Guess what !!???

woooo !! It's so strange that I found the answer to the below post in 1 more movie "The Kingdom". Frankly I really didn't knew the answer for the questions which I asked in my previous post but it seems now I am aware of the entire Southwest Asia and the conflicts (except the Palestinian story). By the way I'm not against anyone so please don't misunderstand. So Americans were helping Saudi Arabia from the Iraqi invasion and Bin Laden got pissed off as his offer of helping Saudi Arabia was rejected by the Saudi Royal family. This perspective is quite reasonable enough though I'm unaware of how true it is. This is what was shown in the movie "The Kingdom", the movie was quite interesting, full of action and kinda suspense too. If you want to know how it would be in Riyadh (Saudi Arabia) then I guess this is the movie which depicts how americans live over there. (I guess only the americans who really live there knows if the film depicts their true life or not).
I'm outta here for now.

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