Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Attitude !!

Attitude !! What exactly does attitude mean ? I just keep wondering about this word all day .....all week ......all the time !! As I feel people are showing a lot of attitude ....may be I should say a lot of self-centric kind of attitude, or is it that I myself have such an attitude which is because I feel that others are showing their attitude ?

Do you guys believe in positive attitude ? I mean do you think does attitude of a person influence his/her efficiency at any scenario, like in an organization or in a relationship or so. People around me believe that 'negative' attitude is kind of necessary to sustain the competition present in this era. Sorry to say but I believe the opposite that negative attitude helps only temporarily but not all along in life.

Please tell your opinion on 'attitude' in the comments below.

p.s : I was talking about the attitude of people around me (in India) so I hope you understand what I meant.