Saturday, June 22, 2013

There are 3 kinds of Indians!

Hello everyone! How have you been!?

I have been doing great!

When was my last post? August 13,2012 and that was not even my original post but a shared one! That doesn't sound good!

Lots of things have happened in my life and I had many ideas for posts on my blog but unfortunately I'm a master procrastinator.

Few things I wanted to post but didn't were about my return to India, family trip to an amazing waterfalls around our city, my first trip to Chennai, how traffic police in our city (Hyderabad) keep stopping me, Japanese and Korean language learning, my trip to Hong Kong in march, which was quite sudden and unexpected and my second trip to Chennai and many more. I still hope to somehow, one day, write about them.

However, for now, I just wanted to let out a sudden thought I had about how there are "3 kinds of (urban) Indians".

Disclaimer: Following might sound as if I'm judging people, I probably am, but I just wanted to write what I feel and what I opine about Indians. I do not mean to specifically offend people, so if I did, I'm sorry about that. Please feel free to comment on this post. Thank you.

I think the first kind are the ones who read "Times of India" (TOI) newspaper and enjoy probably (or for sure) books written by authors are like Chetan Bhagat and Preeti Shenoy. I actually, just yesterday, finished reading Preeti Shenoy's "Tea for Two and a Piece of Cake". I liked it.

TOI's reply to The Hindu's ad campaign during the ad war which seems to have happened somewhere around early 2012. (I was still living in Toronto, Canada, otherwise I would have enjoyed this ad war)

The second kind of Indians are the ones who read "The Hindu" newspaper. Who enjoy reading editorials and OP-EDs, and also talking about intellectual stuff and may be browsing websites like quora (do check this website if you haven't yet, it's amazing!). This kind of Indians might not get along that well with the first kind, but again we just can't stereotype.

The Hindu's ad campaign obviously against the TOI. 

The third kind are simply the ones who just don't read any of these newspapers!

What kind of an Indian am I? I actually used to read TOI more than ten years ago and used to enjoy reading it, we used to get Hindu too but I haven't got myself to read it, although my father tried to encourage us. Lately, I enjoy (probably a wrong usage)  prefer reading Hindu than TOI. In fact, I don't read TOI anymore.
One of the first books I read is "Five Point Someone" by Chetain Bhagat, some five years ago. I really enjoyed that book but I don't really admire him anymore.

So, I'm not sure where do I fall in the kinds of Indians I mentioned above!

Enjoy watching this video, which is related to my thoughts on TOI vs The Hindi!

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