Friday, August 20, 2010

A special day

I didn't knew its been so long that I made a post in my blog here, as I still feel writing about attitude (one of my previous posts) just few weeks ago, though its been an year already. Anyways, here goes my 'View'

A special day

Prashanth's Disclaimer : please read this post completely. The entire post is completely my personal opinion and may contradict with your opinions or factual data.

Today was a special day for me ...not because i had last exam of the semester but because i had a chance to watch two very good documentaries on the issue of human rights in North Korea and gave me more insight knowledge on the present situation over there and what made such situation arise. They are listed as below with their official websites.

The Red Chapel :


For people who doesn't have any clue of what i am talking about and what is THAT situation, please read more about it and North Korea here

I hope you don't ignore reading it with the excuse of availability of time to you at this instant.

I also had a privilige to see the director cum producer of the documentary herself answering questions after the screening.

I can't wait to participate in tomorrow's international conference on human rights in North Korea.

Please visit here for more info:

People, friends and family who know me closely already know that I am learning Korean language and I am into Korean but actually I am more concerned about Human rights, environmental impacts, climate change, cultural changes, peoples' attitudes and stuff like that anywhere in the world.

While i was watching the documentaries, I had an immense emotional feeling of how millions of such people existing around the world must be suffering, while others are living extremely well and we don't do anything to them in any way, all we do is just show a feeling of 'concern' whenever we watch such a documentary or any such issues are shown on News.

Just imagine yourself escaping from a prison, running wild in the rocky snow covered mountains, crossing a river not knowing when you would get shot in the back just to escape from the huge prison camps, starvation and torture.

Ironic point is that all this is not caused just because of few people like saddam hussein or kim jong il or such people but its partly associated with everyone of us. Yes, you and me. How ?

I would let you know about my Views on 'how' in my next post (please note that again they could be just assumptions and of my own personal opinions).