Friday, October 10, 2008

Today !

It happens in India .......... may be at your place too .... I do not know.

Today I was walking back home to a near by bus stop, from a class as my vehicle was giving trouble. I saw some of typical situations which happen only in India. First I saw 2 people were ready to fight over because 1 person hit the other person's Skoda Fabia and its tail lights are broken. Now I recall the dialogue by Sue in the movie 'Rang de Basanti' 'two people are looking for an excuse to fight'. They were ready to bash each other but I could not do anything as I would get bashed up by those two if I interfere that's how it works in India. I just walked as few people were coming over there already to stop the fight or may be to have a delightful watch with the scenario.
The traffic alreayd started to get jammed just because of that small fight, now I understood how a traffic jam could be caused with such small accidents too ! lol

Then I boarded a bus, the ticket issuer was asking a person (who was on the foot board smoking) - 'would you like to get down or turn off the smoke' as smoking was recently banned. I felt good that such good things do still happen. I wonder why such seriousness doesn't happen with everyone. Then when I got down the bus I could see other person smoking in the public near the auto stand. Contradicting with what I saw few minutes ago. Phew !!

with just 5 minutes of walk I could see an accident I wonder how many things I may see if I walk around in my commute daily instead of using a vehicle.

I hope Indians (including myself) take everything more seriously than they are taking it now (as I believe they do take it).

So much blabbering !! :p

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Guess what !!???

woooo !! It's so strange that I found the answer to the below post in 1 more movie "The Kingdom". Frankly I really didn't knew the answer for the questions which I asked in my previous post but it seems now I am aware of the entire Southwest Asia and the conflicts (except the Palestinian story). By the way I'm not against anyone so please don't misunderstand. So Americans were helping Saudi Arabia from the Iraqi invasion and Bin Laden got pissed off as his offer of helping Saudi Arabia was rejected by the Saudi Royal family. This perspective is quite reasonable enough though I'm unaware of how true it is. This is what was shown in the movie "The Kingdom", the movie was quite interesting, full of action and kinda suspense too. If you want to know how it would be in Riyadh (Saudi Arabia) then I guess this is the movie which depicts how americans live over there. (I guess only the americans who really live there knows if the film depicts their true life or not).
I'm outta here for now.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Mixed Feelings

Recently I saw the movie Rambo(2008) the so called Rambo IV, I got shocked seeing the first introductory scenes as the Myanmar's war environment and surroundings were shown. I didn't knew that the country got such a government led by the military power, I referred to the wikipedia to get some information if what's shown in the movie is real or not. Apparently it turned out to be true and I finished watching the movie and came back to the same wiki page and just wondered how could such brutal things can happen in such a geographically large country.
There were some interesting facts about the Myanmar in that web page. I still don't understand why the USA doesn't want to remove the military rule in the countries like this and not only the Iraq and so. Is it that US concentrates only on the oil potential countries ??

Can someone please justify the movements of the USA as I am totally confused !!