Monday, April 7, 2008

Mixed Feelings

Recently I saw the movie Rambo(2008) the so called Rambo IV, I got shocked seeing the first introductory scenes as the Myanmar's war environment and surroundings were shown. I didn't knew that the country got such a government led by the military power, I referred to the wikipedia to get some information if what's shown in the movie is real or not. Apparently it turned out to be true and I finished watching the movie and came back to the same wiki page and just wondered how could such brutal things can happen in such a geographically large country.
There were some interesting facts about the Myanmar in that web page. I still don't understand why the USA doesn't want to remove the military rule in the countries like this and not only the Iraq and so. Is it that US concentrates only on the oil potential countries ??

Can someone please justify the movements of the USA as I am totally confused !!

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