Friday, October 10, 2008

Today !

It happens in India .......... may be at your place too .... I do not know.

Today I was walking back home to a near by bus stop, from a class as my vehicle was giving trouble. I saw some of typical situations which happen only in India. First I saw 2 people were ready to fight over because 1 person hit the other person's Skoda Fabia and its tail lights are broken. Now I recall the dialogue by Sue in the movie 'Rang de Basanti' 'two people are looking for an excuse to fight'. They were ready to bash each other but I could not do anything as I would get bashed up by those two if I interfere that's how it works in India. I just walked as few people were coming over there already to stop the fight or may be to have a delightful watch with the scenario.
The traffic alreayd started to get jammed just because of that small fight, now I understood how a traffic jam could be caused with such small accidents too ! lol

Then I boarded a bus, the ticket issuer was asking a person (who was on the foot board smoking) - 'would you like to get down or turn off the smoke' as smoking was recently banned. I felt good that such good things do still happen. I wonder why such seriousness doesn't happen with everyone. Then when I got down the bus I could see other person smoking in the public near the auto stand. Contradicting with what I saw few minutes ago. Phew !!

with just 5 minutes of walk I could see an accident I wonder how many things I may see if I walk around in my commute daily instead of using a vehicle.

I hope Indians (including myself) take everything more seriously than they are taking it now (as I believe they do take it).

So much blabbering !! :p