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33 Ways To Reboot Your Life - Luther Cale

People who know me personally, clearly know that I have to fix my self discipline of life. (This line might irk some people who are looking to hire me for work). I have been reading a lot of self help books and posts in internet. Unfortunately, I couldn't fix myself much yet, thanks to the distractions on the internet. I am still working on it and would work until I get myself fixed.

I came across this great post today on "What's Hot" of Google+ (which is, by the way, a great service by Google which, in my opinion, probably is filled with smartest people on the planet!) and I think it is a must to check.

I myself might not follow all the tips (one tip even says, not to eat for 24 hours, I am not kidding) provided in this post but still they are great tips for a near-perfect way of living our daily life. I hope you like it and benefit from it. 

You can find 'Luther Cale' in Google+ I am looking forward to check more about him and his posts and related work. 

The post written below this image is completely written by Luther Cale on his Google+. 

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We have concluded our G+ Exclusive Series: 33 Ways to Reboot Your Life.

Here is a summary of all 33 items with links to each with further resources, ideas, and ways to get started. 

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We're just getting started! 


0. Mindset
1. Start your day with this tonic
2. Establish a morning routine
3. Start Your Day with this Real Food Smoothie
4. Sell All Your Crap
5. Make a List of Your Top 5 Values in Life. Eliminate anything and anyone that no longer serves your top values.
6. Quit Your Job If You Don't Like It
7. Do a Vipassana Meditation Retreat
8. Start a side business on the Internet.
9. Eliminate wheat from your diet for two weeks and see what
10. Spend 5 minutes in the morning writing down things that you have accomplished in your life that you are proud of.
11. Spend 5 minutes in the evening writing down things you are grateful
12. Walk with a friend for 30 minutes every day.
13. Plan your upcoming week on Sunday at 5 P.M.
14. Plan your next day at 5 P.M.
15. Start doing yoga, qigong, or tai chi, preferably with an instructor.
16. Think like an alien ... about your life.
17. Go on a retreat in nature by yourself. No technology.
18. Study the life & teachings of someone who has already accomplished what you wish to accomplish.
19. Stop watching TV and reading news for 30 days.
20. Stop gossiping and wasting time on stupid shit.
21.  Write down three big dreams for your life and share them publicly.
22. Learn to have full-body orgasms. 
23. Visit an energy healer.
24. Volunteer to do something with kids in your neighborhood.
25. Do this writing exercise every morning.
26. Start a mastermind - the simple way.
27. Stop eating for the next 24 hours. Repeat weekly.
28. Eat only real food for 30 days.
29. Clean out your crap - with a series of colonics.
30. Go through the Ro-Hun Purification process.
31. Learn the Inner Sanctuary Meditation technique.
32. Read Do the Work
33. Give away 5-10% of your income off the top.

And two open questions:
1. What is the #1 obstacle for you right now to living the life that you really want?
2. What do you hope for in this life both for yourself and for humanity as a whole?

Alright, that's it. Hope this has been helpful for you. It's been a lot of fun bringing it to you ... I look forward to what is next.


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